Brock Gamble

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Married: Sarah Gamble
Children: Kelly Elizabeth (8 years old) and Jessica Marina (6 years old)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5,’11”
Weight: 219 lbs
Age: Late thirties, early forties
Titan specialty: Field medicine and flying/driving anything that can move
Known for: Was Jared’s right hand man until he fell and had to prove himself worthy to come back to Titan. Now the leader of the Delta team.
Distinguishing characteristic: Brightly colored sleeves and chest tattoos


Brock Gamble, former second-in-command of Titan Group, leads the recruiting efforts for the Delta team. Growing up in the commonwealth of Virginia, he attended Virginia Military Institute before serving his country as a US Marine. Much of his operational time was spent in conflicts in the Middle East where his skills as a combat operator and field medicine were put to good use.

Brock betrayed Titan in order to save his family that had been kidnapped by GSI.  His devotion to his family was seen by Jared Westin as a mark of loyalty in and of itself.  This helped Jared forgive Brock and welcome him back to the Titan family.

BS, Biology and Military History, Virginia Military Institute
18D30 Special Forces Medical Training
Scout Leader’s Course, Ft. Knox

United States Marine Corp


The captain came over the loudspeaker, announcing they were next in line for takeoff. Brock wasn’t used to the waits and delays of commercial flights. When Titan wanted to go somewhere, they’d go. Hell, if he wanted to go somewhere, he’d fly ‘em. His hands itched for the control of the cockpit. In there, everything was measured and displayed. Every calculation scientific, a known reaction for every manipulation. –Gambled

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