Cash & Nicola Garrison’s Home

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His house hid tight in the thick, green woods. The area looked untouched, but he’d had Titan ’n Boys hotwire the thing NSA-style. Breaching this place would be like burrowing through the impenetrable layers of the Pentagon with a pencil sharpener. Here, if a deer so much as sneezed, Cash could check a readout and know what time and why.

They were alone. This wasn’t just a man cave; it was his man castle.
… He stopped at the gate, entered a code, and pressed his finger on a scanner. The high-and-wide swung open.

… They crunched over a few rocks. The front side of his house came into view. It was a log cabin on steroids. All timber façade and picture windows. As broad as it was tall. He’d had no idea what he was supposed to do with all that space.
… Oh, and the hot tub on the back deck.
… She glided around the kitchen, one finger trailing over the granite island that separated the kitchen and living areas. Huge leather couches wrapped around the great room. –Garrison’s Creed

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