Cash Garrison

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Married: Nicola/ Nic (Hart) Garrison
Children: Newborn baby, boy (Sweet One)
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Hair: Dirty Blond
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 221 lbs
Age: Two years older than his wife
Titan specialty: Sniper
Distinguishing Characteristics: Cowboy hat, .50 Cal high powered rifle dubbed Miss Betty the Shitkicker or Miss Betty


A native of Virginia, Cash Garrison led his high school football team to win the State Championship before attending Chesterfield College where he studied psychology and successfully played high stakes poker. After his college girlfriend was killed (cover up by FBI for Gianori mob prosecution/witness protection), Garrison was recruited to the United States Army, he’s a skilled sharp-shooter and noteworthy sniper. His most prized possession is his .50 cal high powered rifle and a straw cowboy hat that he’s wearing more often than not. He brings world-famous, award winning target skills to the Titan Group. He is married to former CIA operative, current Titan Group operator Nicola Hart Garrison, who was his “deceased” college girlfriend.

Cash melted the engagement ring he bought for Nicola and formed it into a trigger for his sniper rifle after believing she had died.  This allowed him to always keep a piece of Nicola with him.

Cash, and members of the Titan Group, assist Nicola in her operation in Istanbul, Turkey in Garrison’s Creed.

BS, Psychology, Chesterfield College

Army Sniper School, United States Army 197th Infantry Brigade based at Fort Benning, Georgia.

How the Cash Garrison character was named:

Origin and Reading order for Sweet Girl and Garrison’s Creed:


“…I’m an assassin. A contract killer. It might be for the good guys, but still, that’s me. Let’s not play and pretend that it hasn’t been ingrained into me to seek blood or to watch your ass. Trust me, Nic. Know that I’ve got your back. Few people in the world truly understand a phrase that gets tossed around as easy as that one does. Few people understand the responsibility that comes with that vow. I’ve got your back. I trust you to make the right move. But if something happens, I’m there, itchy trigger finger and all.”—Garrison’s Creed

“Sniper to the stars. Thinks he’s a funny man.”  –Winters Heat

“I loved you once. You think I can’t again?”  — (Cash to Nicola) Garrison’s Creed

“I’ve been chasing you since before I knew what chasing a girl meant.”  –(Cash to Nicola) Sweet Girl




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