Cassidy (Noble) Oliver

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Married: Locke Oliver
Children: expecting one
Age: thirties
Career: Journalist
Distinguishing marks: scar from bullet wound on side abdomen
Nickname: Flamethrower


Cassidy is a journalist who is obsessed with making the hard stories heard.  She was once wounded when she was shot outside of a Congressional hearing.

She was an award winning journalist who was disgraced by a story that resulted in the death of 26 Army Rangers in Sadr City within Baghdad, Iraq – all members of Locke Oliver‘s unit.  Her refusal to name her source resulted in Congressional hearings, and dealt her career a near-death experience as she was publicly decried as a liar and traitor.  In an effort to restore her career and reputation, Cassidy investigates Alexander Gaev‘s role in potential criminal activity.

“Cassidy is a disgraced journalist, once accused of treason—Or she’s an American hero. It depends on who you ask. She’s on a mission to rebuild her name and started with a simple question but discovered a complex web of spies and possible human trafficking.” –Locke and Key