Caterina Cruz Savage

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Married: Rocco Savage
Children: Jacián Arrio, Adrian Aitor, James Raphael, Noè Cruz, Luca Gerard
Height: Tall
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Dark
Age: Thirties
From: Native to Spain
Career: Freelance interrogation contractor and ghost operator
Habits: Diet Coke and Funyons


No formal training or education. Family was killed by gun runners at her birthday party, where she first met Jared Westin. His team arrived too late to save her family, but he rescued her. Caterina Cruz became a freelance operative at an early age, and specialized in advance interrogation methods for US ally countries. Over the years, she built a large network of friendlies in both the military and private sector world, which helped her in her hunt to avenge her family’s death.

She routinely yells at Rocco in Spanish when she’s upset.  Rocco finds this to be a turn-on.


Who is the father of Caterina’s child, Jacian?



Jared glared. “She’s not what she seems.”
“What is she? MI6?”
“Independent operator with a specific focus on the gun trade in Northern Africa.”
“Care to expand why a Spanish-accented operator who focuses on one of the most dangerous bevy of terrorist cells in the world is working with MI6?”
–Savage Secrets

It’d been too long since she’d woken up next to a man. Well, that wasn’t true. She’d spent more than a few nights camped out at random covert locations around the world. But knapsacks and a team of black ops dudes didn’t count. They were always on the job. She was never interested in them. Plus they knew she could castrate them with a piece of dental floss, so they stayed away. Smart. –Savage Secrets

“God must think her a badass because he’d handed her this moment, and he didn’t dole out shit she couldn’t handle. That was a fact taught long ago by that miserable bitch called life.”  –Savage Secrets

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