Colby Winters

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Married: Mia (Kensington) Winters
Children: Clara Ashley (preschool to kindergarten age), Andrew Reese “Ace” (toddler), and new baby
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 236 lbs
Age: Mid thirties
Distinguishing Characteristics: scar under eye, below collar bone, gunshot wounds, back, thigh and calf.
Habit: Dots candy
Titan specialty: Explosives and demolition
Preferred weapons:  M4 assault rifle, Glock G22 (.40 cal) handgun
Mother: Judith Winters


US Navy SEAL Colby Winters hails from the commonwealth of Virginia where he attended the University of Virginia, studying history. He then went on to obtain a graduate degree from the United States War College. Specializing in close-quarter combat and unconventional warfare planning, Winters brings advanced knowledge to the Titan Group’s elite private security forces.

Colby Winters most notably led the operation to dismantle the Cartagena, Colombia-based Silva Cartel and has personal interests that fuel his obsession to crush sex traffickers. When he’s not running operations and strategizing offensive maneuvers, he can be found relaxing with his family, including wife, military psychologist Mia Kensington, two children, dogs, and a box of Dots in his hand.

Colby’s last Seal deployment was in Afghanistan before being hired by Jared Westin at the Titan Group.  He has a weapons cache in his house, which he calls his “toy room” and keeps at a cool 66F year-round.  Routinely cleans his fingernails with a combat knife – a nervous habit.

BS, History, University of Virginia
MS, United States War College

US Navy Seal

How the Cobly Winter Character was named:


First appears in Winters Heat, and plays a significant role in Black Dawn and Delta:Revenge.

Related Quotes:

Not a bad guy? He seemed like one. The man wasn’t law enforcement. He didn’t have a badge to go with that gun he slung around, and his mannerisms were more lethal than reassuring. –Winters Heat

“I thought you were more like GI Joe, but now that I know about the cape, you sound more like Superman. You fly from one job to the next when there’s a light in the sky or the cops aren’t around?” –Winters Heat

“Shopping for formula and smashed peas while wearing tactical gear is quite possibly his favorite past time” — Winters Heat

“What’s his specialty?” “Escape and evade. He’s a survivor. He can stay alive when most men beg for death.”  — Winters Heat

“I’ve needed you my whole life, Mia. And I had no idea.”  –(Colby to Mia) Winters Heat

“Baby, you want to talk about what happened, go for it. I’m listening. But you know, I’m no angel, and I’m not finished dancing with the devil. If anyone ever hurts you like that again, there’s nothing I won’t do to protect you. To make sure you’re never hurt again.”  –(Colby to Mia) Winters Heat

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