Dr. Tuska’s Office and Hospital

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Dr. Tuska (also goes by Doc Tuska) has a concierge medical facility and rights at the unnamed hospital. It is also not where Sugar’s OB-GYN was and not where she opted to have their baby, much to Jared’s chagrin.

The nurse shifted her weight and continued, apparently less concerned that their little group would kill her for delivering bad news. “As you know, Titan is a very welcome guest—”
“Guest?” Sugar looked at the nurse, then Roman and Rocco. “Very welcome guest?”
Rocco shrugged. “We do a lot of business with them. Titan has repeat-customer status or some shit.”
The nurse smiled weakly. “We see them… often. Yes. Mr. Westin and Titan are very important to—”
“What have I gotten myself into?” Sugar almost needed to laugh. The absurdity of it all was far past comical. She’d fallen in love with a man who had a frequent-shopper card at a hospital. –Westin’s Chase

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