GUNS Range and Ammo Shop

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They slid into a small dirt parking strip and splashed through mud. A nondescript sign read GUNS. The words dangled under a rusted, larger-than-life bison replica complete with a snarling face and a charging hoof pulled high. A few pickup trucks lined the lot in front of a one-level, brick building with bars on the windows.

… They entered a small room. It was dimly lit and glass cases lined the walls. Handguns and throwing knives hung on the dark-paneled wall. An empty desk sat in the corner next to a shady hallway. It was dingy and hadn’t shown any of the promise Cash raved over. Winters trailed a finger over the smooth countertop, peering down at a compact Beretta 9mm. –Winters Heat


The GUNS sign was dead ahead on the right, and Cash braked, turning off the road and into a parking lot with a rusted, charging bison mascot snarling at every truck that dared cross into Sugar’s parking lot. The thing had to be the size of an army tank.

…Moving from the focus of one security camera to the next, he waved hello at the lens over the door, and a series of locks disengaged mechanically after someone approved their entry.

They walked into the waiting area lined with wall-mounted guns and knives. Glass cases housed a few more beauties.

… They headed to the outdoor course. Manmade hills, swaying tall grass, and creative-assed obstacles that Cash knew exploded in colored smoke were dead ahead.

… Cash banged on the door. The wrought-iron security door rattled. It was after hours, but that ’69 Mustang Boss 429 sat in its spot. The hood was still warm, so wherever she’d gone, she was back.
“Open up,” he yelled at the security camera.
Click. The door unlocked, and he pulled at it before the last deadbolt disengaged. Finally, he was in the dark room and heading down the hall. Sugar’s steps came from her office.

…He stormed toward the indoor range and didn’t wait for her to catch up. –Garrison’s Creed

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