Jared Westin

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Married: Sugar (Lilly) Chase
Children: Asal and Violet
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 219 lbs
Age: Forties
Also known as: Boss Man to everyone, J-Dawg to his wife
Distinguishing Characteristics: Shrapnel scars on back, gunshot wound back of left leg

Jared Westin, the owner of the Titan Group and former US Army Ranger, has a professional history steeped in warfare. His company has taken over smaller private security firms, most notably GSI, a direct competitor. Westin’s commanding experience has taken him worldwide and provided him with the resources and contacts to direct the premier private military security force in the world. He directly oversees the Titan Group’s main team, supervising all other teams including Delta force, and is actively recruiting and leading multiple teams across all conflict zones.

Known as Boss Man, he has a beloved Bulldog named Thelma and is married to the gun-maker known as “GUNS” or “Sugar”, who is former deep-cover ATF agent Lilly Chase.

While Jared is a “hard ass,” he has a soft spot for children and animals.  He buys Thelma the bulldog weapon-shaped dog toys.  And despite running a multi-faceted billion dollar security firm, Jared gets exceedingly nervous at the thought of babysitting Clara.

Defining moment:
• Grandparents died in a fire when he was ten years old. He went back inside to save his dog and his parents almost died saving them.
• His second-in-command (Brock Gamble) betrayed Titan to save a family Jared was unaware of.  Jared forgives Brock.

United States War College

Army Ranger

How the Jared Westin character was named:

Even his monotone questions had a hard-boiled splash. Jared could order a burger at a drive-thru and scare the employee clean out of her hairnet.
–Winters Heat

Jared was piss and vinegar on a peachy day, so his snarl and growl didn’t say much, but throwing Roman out of the room wasn’t his typical MO. Boss Man didn’t care what he said or who he said it in front of. Actually, he preferred an audience.
–Savage Secrets

“Master of everything”  –Winters Heat

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