Jax Michaelson

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Married: Seven (Blackburn) Michaelson
Eyes: Dark grey
Hair: black
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 225 lbs
Age: thirties

Jax is a former Navy Seal who could moonlight as the poster boy for Italian sex gods – tall, dark, and handsome.  He has scars on his chest and toned stomach.

His first wife, Carrie, was killed by Deacon Lanes at their wedding.

Seven and Jax wed in Las Vegas.

“He is jaded and not the way most men are. His wife was killed literally minutes after their wedding. Since then he has been closed off to relationships. Not saying he doesn’t sleep around but no strings attached. That is until Seven comes in and slaps some sense into him. Literally.”  –Jax

“Winters peered over Rocco’s shoulder and nodded. “I know that guy.” “This one?” Rocco lifted a head shot. “Yeah. Man’s good. Was deep in a weapons trafficking cartel, right?” Winters turned to Parker. “Right,” he confirmed.”  –Black Dawn

“If our… bad decisions are raw and honest, this”— he pointed between them—” could be killer.”
A waterfall of reactions cascaded through her senses.
“Or we hold back.” Jax’s jaw flexed, displeased with the possibility. “We’ll have decent sex. Come hard. Earn a round of applause, and walk away without a memorable detail.”
“What makes killer sex?”
His eyes narrowed. “Asking for what you want. Getting what you need. Giving because it’s good.”
“That doesn’t sound like any bad decision I’ve ever heard of.”
He tore his shirt over his head. “Come here, Seven.”  –Jax


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