Jenny Chase McIntyre

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Married: Asher McIntyre
Eyes: Caramel bronze
Hair: Brunette
Height: 5′ 7″
Age: Thirties (a few years younger than Asher)

Jenny is a broadway actress and Sugar Chase Westin’s sister.  She’s married to Congressman Asher McIntyre, the older brother of her best friend Molly.  Jenny has dark hair and caramel bronze eyes, and is prone to shyness despite being a highly sought-after stage actress.

Jenny has been in love with Asher since high school.  She’s held a series of hodge podge jobs, including working part-time at GUNS. First appearing in Chased.

“In the span of one night, Jenny had gone from being someone he refused to touch to the woman he refused to stay away from.”  –Chased

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