Lexi Dare Black

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Married: Parker Black
Children: Three boys, one girl
Height: 5’5″
Hair: Platinum blonde
Eyes: light blue
Age: thirties (a few years younger than Parker)
Career: Freelance Hacker named SilverChaos
Habits: Staying up late, hiding under the covers while hacking on her laptop, punk rocker biker chick fashion
Pet: Bacon the pug


Lexi is an elite white hat (good) hacker that goes by the name SilverChaos. Rides a GSX-R motorcycle. Does not like guns and violence (ironic since her best friend, Sugar Chase Westin, makes guns for a living). She feels more comfortable with fellow hackers and is deep into the underground hacker culture. Incredibly intelligent. Her engagement ring was a black diamond, and they eloped in Vegas when Parker surprised with the ring and one of Titan’s G6 jets fueled up and ready to go.

First appears in Black Dawn as an unhappy fiancee stuck in a spiraling relationship with Matt Pindon, who is increasingly abusive.

“He walked right to her, his long strides eating the space between them and sucking the oxygen in front of her”  –Black Dawn

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