Locke Oliver

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Married: Cassidy (Noble) Oliver
Eye Color: Steep dark blue
Hair: Blonde
Children: expecting one
Age: thirties
Nickname: Locke and Key
Distinguishing marks: tattoo “XXVI” to symbolize 26 – the team he lost in battle in Sadr City, Iraq


Locke is a more recent recruit to the Titan Group.  Although he is quiet, he is respected for being able to get the job done skillfully.  One of his early assignments at Titan included being dispatched to extract a teacher named Alexander Gaev from Russia.  While in Russia, Locke meets Cassidy Noble – the reporter he blames for the death of 26 men who were part of his Army unit in Iraq years before.

Locke tried to hate Cassidy, but couldn’t resist falling in love with her as he found out more about what happened and Cassidy’s willingness to help Titan track down the truth.

“You’re my woman.”  –Locke and Key


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