Mia Winters

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Mia Winters

First appearance: WINTERS HEAT
Married: Colby Winters
Height: Petite
Hair: Brown, shoulder length
Children: Clara Ashley (preschool to kindergarten age), Andrew Reese “Ace” (toddler), and expecting a third child
Age: Mid thirties
Career: Military psychologist
Known for: Cooking and acting as Jared Westin’s sounding board
Distinguishing marks: Survivor symbol tattoo on hip; scars on her bottom, legs and thighs from being abused by father as a child, scar under her chin


Mia Winters serves as a caring “Mama” to the Titan Group, routinely hosting, cooking and dispensing good advice.  She grew up in difficult circumstances to an alcoholic mother and a strict, abusive father named “The Colonel.”  Neither of her parents are currently living.  Mia suffers from claustrophobia, likely due to her childhood trauma.

She was kidnapped by the Silva Cartel and taken to Cartagena, Colombia before being rescued by the Titan Group.

Watching Mia take on Jared was better than watching a Saturday night barroom brawl. And Mia won almost every time. She was the odds-on favorite. –Garrison’s Creed

“She’s a military therapist. Deals with all those Special Forces types who can’t talk about their nightmares and paranoia, helps them transition into everyday life.” –Gambled, on Mia Winters

“She talks to all of them,” Nicola said. “Easy going, but tough as nails. If that makes sense.” –Gambled, on Mia Winters

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