Nicola Hart Garrison

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Married: Cash Garrison
Children: Newborn baby, boy. No name at the moment (Sweet One)
Height: Tall
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Age: Early Thirties
Titan specialty: Intelligence and translating
Fluent Languages: English, Spanish, Persian/Farsi, Italian
Able to work: German, French, Russian
Can read: Latin


Nicola Hart Garrison entered the FBI’s Witness Program during college after witnessing Gianori mob operations and executions. Realizing that she was talented, the FBI enrolled her in their linguistics training program. She was subsequently recruited to the CIA and placed in foreign field operations where she became skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Her work as a talented linguist bleeds over into her subconscious, occasionally revealing itself as various, random accents while she’s intoxicated.

While in witness protection, Nicola took Cash’s last name as a way to feel close to him despite being apart.  She did not contact Cash, nor any other family or friend, while she was in witness protection.

First worked with Titan Group in an operation in Istanbul, Turkey.

Attended Chesterfield College, business, foreign languages, and linguistics
Witness Protection Program
FBI Linguistics Training

CIA Field Agent


Origin and Reading order for Sweet Girl and Garrison’s Creed:


She was an adorable brat when they were neighbors, always wanting to play with him and Roman. No tea parties for that girl. She wanted in on cops and robbers. Maybe he should have seen the CIA coming. –Garrison’s Creed

Was Nicola crying? The toughest girl he knew? No way. He’d known her for years and never a tear. Not when the poor kid fell off her bike trying to keep up with him and Roman. Not when they’d convinced her to chew the hottest peppers they could find. And any time he’d ever thought her feelings might be the least bit slighted, Cash had made it his personal mission to handle whatever or whoever made her sweet smile waver.  –Sweet Girl


“Nicola.” Jared walked down the room to stand in front of her. “As with every job, if either of these boys give you hell—” Someone who didn’t know her might have expected Jared to say just tell me, and I’ll handle it, but that wasn’t going to happen. “Try not to tear them apart too badly. I need Cash on the trigger and Roman on eyes.” –Hart Attack


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