Rocco Savage

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Married: Caterina (Cruz) Savage
Children: Jacián Arrio, Adrian Aitor, James Raphael, Noè Cruz, Luca Gerard
Eyes: Chestnut
Hair: Light Brown
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 210 lbs
Age: Thirties
Habits: Loves reality TV of all kinds
Distinguishing Characteristics: May God have mercy on my enemy because I won’t tattoo; military insignia across shoulders and back
Titan specialty: Explosives, demolition, and operating anything that can fly or drive.


Hailing from the West coast, Rocco Savage served as a Green Beret in the United States Army, specializing in explosives and demolition. His engineering education allows him to fly or drive almost any vehicle. His reality television obsession is fodder for much of the team and he’s responsible for keeping Titan Group update to date on all topics from newest tactics in combat breaching to what the breaking news is on TMZ and E!Online.

Rocco Savage is stabbed with a poison knife in Chased that led to significant vision problems and hallucinations in Savage Secrets.  In fact, his first encounter with Caterina was during a poison-fueled hallucination where he thought she was an angel.

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus College
MS, Aerial Engineering, University of Southern California

United States Army Special Forces/ Green Berets


“Knife must’ve been tainted, treated with a psychotic. Rocco called it in as he started hallucinating…” –Chased

“You cool with this?” Brock asked. “It could be awkward and all.”
Rocco did have Brock’s old job. Brock used to be his team’s leader, but more than that, they used to be boys. –Savage Secrets

“Oh for Christ sakes. Ay carrumba, chimichanga. I have no idea what you’re saying, but shut your pretty pie hole.”  –(Rocco to Caterina) Savage Secrets

“Roc, man. You think love can be all just add water and resuscitate?”  –(Cash to Rocco) Garrison’s Creed

“He was the gorgeous one, brute strength wrapped into one sex god of a man.”  –Savage Secrets

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