Roman Hart

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Married: Elizabeth “Beth” (Tourne) Hart
Children: Newborn
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 226 lbs
Age: Two years older than his sister Nicola
Habits: Pineapple on his pizza
Distinguishing Characteristics: Dimple in his chin. Bicep tattoos “Nicola” tattoo. His sister’s name, the date she was born and died, then the date she’d come to life again, mixed within the barbed wire. Block letters and scrolled numbers. An angel that looked like a warrior. Dark ink.
Titan specialty: Often works as a spotter with Cash. Scout, Sniper’s eyes


A native of the commonwealth of Virginia, Roman Hart’s time after graduation from Chesterfield College was spent in the US Army serving as Special Forces specializing in scouting and survival. He brings to the Titan Group world class special operations tactics where he acts as sniper eyes and can step into any roll on any Titan team, many times recruiting and training Delta and other teams.

Has been best friends with Cash Garrison since high school.  They attended Chesterfield College together., where Roman was exceedingly popular on campus.


BS, Psychology, Chesterfield College

Army Sniper School, United States Army 197th Infantry Brigade based at Fort Benning, Georgia.


Where was Roman during Winters Heat?



Roman didn’t budge. “I’m a lot of things. Maybe a liar. Definitely an asshole. But in control of how I feel about you? Not at all.”
Damn him! Her anger quadrupled until it was all-consuming, completely debilitating.
“There’s nothing between us but sex,” she lied, trying to make herself believe it.
“Wish that were true. You’re a pain in my ass.”
The veins in her neck pounded. Blood rushed in her ears. She could barely gasp out, “What do you want from me?”
Roman closed the inches between them, placing his hands on her wrists and holding them against his chest. “Everything.” –Hart Attack

“There’s no other way to look at you. You’re the definition of beauty.”  –(Roman to Beth) Hart Attack

“Love your crazy and your freckles. Love how you taste, how you kiss. How you drive me to the edge of sanity. Life’s wild with you. WILD. And I love it, like I love you. I want my ring on your finger, my name on your name. Marry me, babe.”  –(Roman to Beth) Hart Attack

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