Sarah Gamble

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Married: Brock Gamble
Children: Jessica Marina Gamble and Kelly Elizabeth Gamble
Hair: Auburn
Career: Business partner with Sugar Chase Westin at GUNS
Eye color: Copper-brown
Nickname: Angel


First appearing in Westin’s Chase, with an additional appearance in Gambled.

Sarah home-schooled her daughters.  She’s an artist, making pencil sketches in notebooks.

She never asked questions about Brock’s job with Titan, but she left Brock after she and her daughters were kidnapped because of Brock’s job.  Her remark that “Brock would kill to protect us” proved to literal and helped convince her to reconcile with Brock after he rescued her and their daughters from kidnappers.

“I want us to be more spontaneous. I want the superhero to come home and take me. Nothing to do with being his wife. Everything to do with uncontrollable testosterone.”   –(Sarah to Brock) Gambled

“And now I can’t breathe for wanting you. I woke up, and your eyes were on fire. You haven’t looked at me like that in years. All need. All want.”  –(Sarah to Brock) Gambled

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