Sugar (Lilly) Chase Westin

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Married: Jared Westin
Children: Asal (adopted from Afghanistan, Westin’s Chase) and Violet (newborn in Live Wire)
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Near-Black Brown
Also known as: Baby Cakes (only to Jared)
Age: Late thirties
Sister: Jenny Chase McIntyre
Known for: Makes up nicknames for people (senorita, cowboy, princess), wears bright lipstick, leather clothes, and sexy heels, and pushes people’s buttons


After Sugar was forced out of deep cover in an ATF operation, she has established a working relationship building for and arming all Titan teams. She has cornered the market on private security firm weapons needs and is known for her custom builds. Most notably, “The Jared” is a grenade launcher that has won numerous awards and has a wait-list for purchase that stems over a year out.

While she is  sassy and finds enjoyment in making other people feel uncomfortable, Sugar is fiercely protective of all members of Titan and their families.  She is constantly chewing gum and has an quick answer for everything.

UNC, Criminal Justice
Specialty Training: Specialty Gun Maker, Weapons System Designer

Former Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agent


“First thing you’ll learn about me is that I call it like I see it. Second thing is, I can hook you up with any weapon you want almost anywhere in the world. I’m your ammo-freakin’ fairy godmother.” –Savage Secrets

“Smart girl. If you need to talk feelings, talk to Mia. If you need a drink, call Nicola. But if you ever just need to pull a trigger until your ears are bleeding, your body’s aching, and you’re spent, call me.” –Savage Secrets

“He didn’t touch her. He didn’t have to. Tingles exploded down her neck, shooting toward her navel.”  –Westin’s Chase

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