Titan Group – Abu Dhabi Office

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They were a block from the hotel when three monster SUVs with blacked-out windows passed them. Each screeched into the hotel’s driveway and slammed to a stop. Bellboys came running toward the massive vehicles parked inches apart as if they’d choreographed the whole scene.

…And they were filing into the hotel as though they owned the place. Well, maybe because they did.

…The doors opened to an industrial hallway, nothing like the opulent, gold-gilded decorations downstairs. A few feet from the elevator was a secure door. Roman punched several digits on a keypad. A panel lifted, and he placed his hand on the scanner. A light blinked around his palm, then the door clicked open.

They moved into a room the size of a closet. He shut the last door and faced an opposite one. Roman blinked into a retina scan then entered another round of codes on a pad that appeared from a secret panel.

That was CIA-level security, maybe even more complex. They walked in, and the metal door locked behind them. Roman guided her down a dark hallway with tiny running lights on the floor then through a door into a working ops center that was alive and buzzing. Computer monitors, flat screens, and more people filled the room. Weapons were available within arm’s reach everywhere she looked. –Hart Attack

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