Titan Group Headquarters

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Titan headquarters was a fortress, a high-tech lair with Fort Knox-like security. It was cold. Impenetrable. His home away from home.

Winters stared over Parker’s shoulder at the wall of flat screens. Computer systems that NASA could only dream about continually scoured through data and satellite images like electronic wallpaper. Ones and zeroes danced a techie tango. High-resolution topography shuffled from one covert location to the next. The hub monitored their operations around the world. Teams he didn’t know, but would go through hell to assist, were mere blips on an observation screen and surrounded by all the intel that could possibly help. –Winters Heat


Rocco used the retina scanner then scanned his thumb to gain access to the outer hallway at Titan headquarters. –Savage Secrets


They pulled into a parking spot, and all she could think was the office building had a custom parking garage. The ceiling was high, the spaces were wide, and she could see why. The trucks and cars in there were larger than life. She saw a couple military-looking vehicles and a few other cars that looked like throwaways. Normal cars that would blend into a crowd, and she was certain they were for just that. –Black Dawn


Hell, standing in this part of Titan HQ was unfamiliar to him. He looked around at the room he’d been in only a few times. Mirrors. Wardrobes. Drawers. It was an entire room dedicated to subterfuge. –Live Wire

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