Yassine Harhour (a.k.a., El Mateperros, the Dog Killer)

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Yassine Harhour (AKA, El Mateperros, the Dog Killer) is the leader of the ACG (Algerian Combat Group). He grew up during the Tunisian Revolution, flourished his homegrown army in Northern Africa and relocated their home base to London.

He earned his nickname by his reputation for ruthless retaliation: If you cross the ACG, no one will live to tell about it. Not even the family dog.

He was obsessed with tabloids and wanting to be famous in the press. An avid fan of Lady Gaga, he longed to be as influential in the world of terror as Lady Gaga was in music.

Yassine raped Caterina, and has a pseudo-necrophilia fetish. He first appears in Savage Secrets.

Inspiration for Yassine’s nickname came from the real-life Mexican drug lord Saucedo Estrada, who was referred to as “the Dog Killer” (El Mateperros) for forcing cartel recruits to hack up animals and dogs as training for human dismemberment.

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